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I met Jodie at the recent Newport Folk Festival where she was performing and giving singing workshops. I was blown away by her voice, technique, clarity and expertise. This would be a great course for amateur adults wanting to improve their voice.

Laura Sheridan - Music Teacher and Choir Director Strings West

Sing Well

Techniques of Singing

Learn and develop the techniques of healthy singing. For folks who are starting singing and want to establish a good foundation, or folks who already sing and want to invest in building a healthy technique.

Carefully created for you to learn at home, this course is presented via over 130 videos with clear explanations and demonstrations - so you can see and hear what to do, and understand why the techniques are important for singers.

The course is divided into ten lessons. Each lesson focuses on one specific technique in singing, including

  • beautiful breathing
  • releasing tension for ease and tone
  • singing high notes
  • developing posture for singing


Each lesson starts with an intro video where I show you what we are doing in that lesson and why it's important for beautiful singing. Here's the intro video for lesson three, talking about different ways the vocal cords can meet and how this changes your singing tone.


Each lesson I offer you a range of exercises to try - so you can select the exercises that suit you for your practice. Try one! Here's an exercise from lesson six on how tension in the lower jaw affects your singing.

Sometimes the exercises require you to assess yourself, so you know what to focus on. You may need a mirror or a video camera. I show you exactly what to look and listen for so you can genuinely teach yourself. Have a go. You've seen the introduction to lesson three. Now check out a self assessment task from that lesson.


The course comes with beautiful, simple songs specially written for the course. Each song is carefully crafted to help you develop the technique for the lessons. The sheet music (with guitar chords) is available on PDF for you to print out and keep. Here's the song for lesson two which focuses on how to breath in beautifully for singing.