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Welcome Possums

Plant your voice in my garden and let's sing!


Sing Well

develop the techniques of good singing

A beautiful and accessible online singing training course. Jodie is a natural and dedicated teacher, with a beautifully warm and supportive manner: a gift to the world of singing in the community.

Christopher Bradley Choir Director and Voice Teacher

Maybe you've always wanted to sing
or you've just decided to start.
Maybe you sing in a choir,
in a band or with an instrument
and want to develop your technique.
Plant your voice in my garden and let's sing.

Singing Garden courses are based in classical technique, a wonderful vocal foundation. Develop
wider range
healthy production
strength and reliability
richer, fuller tone
beautiful breathing


The first course, Sing Well is up and running. New courses coming October 2014.

Sing Well

develop the techniques of good singing
  • learn at your own pace
  • over 130 videos
  • beautiful songs specially composed for the course
  • access to the material forever

The Dots

reading sheet music for singers

Coming soon.

Yoga 4 Singers

beautiful postures for singing

Coming soon.

Learn Singing Online

Sweetpeas, I know how much people want singing in their lives

normal people who want to feel confident and at ease with their voices. People who might relish the chance to do this without needing to start out singing in front of anyone else - just privately at home, in their own time. In the singing garden, I have distilled the wisdom of the many singers, students and teachers I have learnt from over a lifetime of my own singing, performing, teaching, training and study, so that you can build the foundations of healthy, lovely singing a home.

I have carefully crafted the singing courses to work for you at home. We approach singing one idea at a time, with a physical, action focus - so you know what to do, and how to do it using your body to be successful.

In a studio, students rely on their teacher to observe and listen to them - to 'diagnose' their issues and prescribe exercises that will work for their personality and voice. In these courses - I will be showing YOU how to do that - so many of the exercises involve you recording yourself or standing in front of a mirror so you can hear and see for yourself how you are going.

If you are starting singing for the first time and feel a bit nervous, don't worry that's perfectly normal, many people come to singing with some nervousness. Perhaps someone told them once they couldn't sing. Now sweethearts, before I started lessons I was a bad singer. When I sang, people would tell me to shut up. So I know how you feel! Singing lessons taught me that singing is like any other instrument, there are simple techniques that you can learn to play your voice better. Some people are naturals. And that's great for them, but it doesn't matter one iota if you're a natural or not. If you want to sing, sing. If you want to sing well, you have come to the right place! Plant yourself in the garden and let's make your voice blossom.